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Social Services Program

The Social Service industry currently employs over 1.6 million employees through 94,000 establishments. Over the next 10 years this industry is projected to grow 40%, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the economy.

PMC Insurance Group is offering a broad Workers’ Comp Program to address this growing industry

Target Classes/Operations:
  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Counseling
  • Children and Family Services
  • Counseling Services
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Day Care Centers
  • Crisis Centers
  • Class Codes 8832, 8836, 8837, 8861, 8864, 8868, 8869, 9059, 9101, 9110
  • State specific and other incidental classes are eligible

Program Parameters:
  • Minimum premium $5,000
  • Varies by State and Carrier
  • Guaranteed Cost
  • Loss Sensitive/Deductible programs for larger accounts
  • Favorable Loss Experience Only
  • Admitted A- or higher Rated Carriers

Submission Requirements:
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Workers Comp Social Service

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